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Anne Sherman

Resident Artist & Educator

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Anne is an American and a permanent resident in Australia. Arriving from Boston, MA in 2019, she's been teaching pottery classes around Melbourne since 2021. Anne started her ceramics practice in primary school when her mom placed her in a class.

Anne has advanced her practice through secondary school programs, working with studio potters and community studios, and as a student in the ceramics program at the School for the American Craft/ @rit.ceramics. Her ceramics practice is also heavily influenced by experiences working in other fields including architecture, sustainable design, and social and environmental and impact management, which she continues to practice part-time. These influences are evident by her focus on problem-solving, creative thinking, and group facilitation and includes awareness of diverse lived experiences.

Anne continues to produce her own work on a small scale, emphasising playful forms and textured, colourful surfaces.

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